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Pita Limón Water Well: A Benefit Community Plan

In Colombia, ConocoPhillips worked with local leaders and residents to identify a community investment project that would benefit the town of Pita Limón close to the company’s proposed operations. The collaboration culminated in a new water well that provide clean water for the entire Community of Pita Limón, in San Martin, Cesar.

The project includes the maintenance of the existing water well and the drilling of a new water well at a 328 FT depth. The adaptation and maintenance of the Water Treatment Plant was also carried out, benefiting the entire population of Pita Limón. Also, ConocoPhillips Colombia provided training to people in the community for the proper maintenance of the facilities.

This project is an example that the presence of oil companies in Colombia generates social benefits for communities, especially when it cooperates with the state for common benefits of people

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